My inclusion tips from 2018

My inclusion tips from 2018

In 2018 I created the Inclusion Tips email series. Each Monday I send out an inclusion tip direct to the inboxes of subscribers from all over the world.

Each inclusion tip is super simple and designed to help you take action on inclusion.

So why share all the tips here when I already share them via the email series? I hear you ask. Well there's a few reasons.

You might be one of those people who just don't want more emails. And that's totally cool. I get it. So I'm sharing them here for you, in one spot, not in your inbox. Because I still want you to get the benefit from these tips.

You may be already subscribed to the weekly Inclusion Tips emails. Thanks! But, maybe you missed a few weeks or have deleted or "lost" one of the tips and would love to refer back to one or more or all of the tips you've received. Well this is for you too.

The third reason is for anyone who hasn't come across the Inclusion Tips emails before. If you find some gems of value in this post please consider subscribing.

With all that said below are all the tips I created and added to the Inclusion Tips email series in 2018.

A note before you start exploring the tips. Some are long, some are short, some have links to more resources and content. While there is a huge amount of valuable information I don't recommend you read all of them at once. So maybe bookmark this page and come back every now and then.

Also, while one or two of the tips refer to each other you can read them in pretty much any order so skim the headings and check out the ones that seem interesting to you.

Enjoy, share, but most of all take action!

Just click the heading to reveal the tip.

Which tip is your favourite? Tell us which one and why in the comments.

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