I can help you discover, explore and connect with your community.


The easiest way to understand demographic information is to make it visual.

I use an intuitive, web-based mapping platform powered by .id Placemaker to help you analyse population information to understand the places where you deliver sport activities. I can show you the distribution and makeup of communities, identify where target populations are located and how they are changing over time, all at geography that makes sense to you.


Are your facilities, programs and activities located to meet community needs?

Is membership and participation reflective of the community you serve? I can help you identify and validate where you deliver, discover opportunities in the places you already serve and highlight new places that support your target market engagement goals.


How do you make decisions about your inclusion and diversity activities?

I can give you quick access to population data for any region in Australia. With this you can build an evidence base for your program design and delivery decisions plus create visual narratives to build compelling business cases for your stakeholders.

Save time & money

Get the information you need when you need it.

Collecting, manipulating, analysing and interpreting population data can cost significant time and money, often this is out of reach for sports organisations and clubs. I make accessing and interpreting population data easy and affordable so you you can make better decisions.


Place Profiler Session

Let's get to know your community.
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You get:

  • 1 hour session to build your community profile and discuss how to use the information
  • Community profile report
  • A recording of the session

Want more than a single session for your organisation? Email me to talk about how I can help you.