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Why should you plan for inclusion?

When it comes to achieving your goals for inclusion it is vital to have a plan. You need to define your club or sport organisation’s commitment to inclusion and set out the things you are going to do to bring that commitment to life. Planning for inclusion allows you to:

  • Establish accountability
  • Clarify responsibility
  • Provide deadlines
  • Foster commitment

At the end of the day inclusion only happens when you take action to identify and remove barriers, understand and connect with your local communities then design and deliver activities that suit their needs and wants. Having a plan will allow your club or sports organisation to go from positive intentions to real action.


On this page you will find:

  • Links to posts about planning for inclusion
  • Suggested resources to help you build your own plans
  • Question and answers about planning for inclusion
Alrighty! Let’s get cracking with your planning processes. Check out the resources below.

Get started with this free how-to-guide for writing your inclusion action plan.



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