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The ISD book club is for anyone who loves a good book that inspires, teaches, entertains and empowers. Plus this provides me with a good source of motivation (and a little accountability) to work on my own reading habit.

I will share what I'm reading throughout the year and invite you to join me! If you want to read along with me please do! You can get these books in most good bookshops otherwise I provide links so you can order online. Below you will find a list of books I plan to read. 

Thanks for being here and happy reading!

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What I'm reading right now...

By Bruce Pascoe

Pascoe makes the case to debunk the hunter gather tag given to Indigenous Australians.


My 2020 Reading List

By Bruce Pascoe

From the opening chapter to the final page I was completely enthralled. But for me the most profound take away was the extent to which I had (still have?) a view of indigenous history seen through the lense of colonialism and white, european dominance. Pascoe makes the case to reconsider the "hunter-gatherer" tag by expertly analysing the accounts of our colonial forebares to debunk the hunter gatherer label.

I learned so much, and it has highlighted just how much our (and my) view of the past can be influenced by the lense through which it is viewed.


My 2019 Reading List

By Rob Moore

This was a great one to kick off the new year. If (like me) you are prone to procrastination, perfectionism or you let self-doubt hold you back from starting that next big thing then this book is for you.

I plucked this one off the shelf in the airport on a recent trip. It gives punchy, actionable advice on overcoming indecision, fear and self-doubt. Just what I needed to help me get some big projects off the ground this year!


Featuring interviews with Sir Alex Ferguson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Andre Agassi and more.

My other recommended books

These books have all made a big impact on the way I think about and approach my work and life. Enjoy!