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The tools you need to make inclusion happen.

Welcome to the Inclusive Sport Design Resources section. Here you will find my recommended resources, tools and websites to help you take your inclusion impact to the next level. I have used, checked out or worked with every recommendation on this page.


Inclusion Tips

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Must read books and e-books

Inclusive Program Planning Framework

By Michael Woods

I wrote this e-book to guide you through the process of planning your sport programs to achieve inclusion success. If you want to deliver effective and sustainable inclusive sport programs then this is the resource you need. Click here to find out more.

What is inclusion?

By Peter Downs and Ken Black

The What is Inclusion e-book is all about explaining and demystifying what is inclusion as it relates to people with disability and sport. It shares the experiences and thoughts of four experts with decades of experience between them. It includes interview transcripts that offer insights and practical advice that will further your understanding of inclusion.

The Power of Habit

By Charles Duhigg

In The Power of Habit, award-winning business reporter Charles Duhigg takes us to the thrilling edge of scientific discoveries that explain why habits exist and how they can be changed. What does this have to do with inclusive in sport? Well there are things, habits, we do day to day in our clubs and organisations that either encourage inclusion or they don't. Duhigg shows, by understanding and controlling our habits, we can transform our businesses, our communities, and our lives.

Find out how our habits influence inclusion in sport in my blog post here.

The Coaching Habit

By Michael Bungay Stanier

The tag line for this book is Say Less, Ask More & Change the Way You Lead Forever. Stanier delivers on all of this and more. He unpacks seven essential coaching questions to demonstrate how – by saying less and asking more – you can develop coaching methods that produce great results. The AWE question is a game changer for me. I discovered this book in 2017 and it has shaped the way I lead and coach. In fact it is the game plan I follow in my inclusion action sessions

ISD Book Club

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Get to know your community


Go straight to the data source.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics is Australia’s national statistical agency, providing trusted official statistics on a wide range of economic, social, population and environmental matters of importance to Australia.

Visit the ABS


Population data, visually.

.id are the population experts. They offer demographics resources and services to help build your knowledge of Australian and New Zealand communities.

Get free community profiles from .id

Book an Inclusion Action Session

I can help you get to know your community.

Knowing your community is key to achieving your inclusion and engagement goals. I will help you make sense of population and demographic information to understand the places where you deliver sport activities. I can show you the distribution and makeup of communities, identify where specific demographic populations are located and how they are changing over time. In this process I can help you identify and validate where you deliver, discover opportunities in the places you already serve and highlight new places that support your target market engagement goals.

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Use images to reflect your inclusion commitment

TravAbility Images

Finally. Stock images of real people with disability.

TravAbility offers a stock image library featuring individuals with disabilities in travel, leisure and lifestyle settings, including sport and active recreation. The good people at TravAbility are dedicated to increasing the usage of imagery of people with disabilities in the tourism, leisure and lifestyle mediums. Get realistic, high quality images for your websites, resources and communications.

Get photos from TravAbility


#1 for stock images.

iStock created the crowd-sourced stock industry—they're the original go-to site for user-generated stock photos, illustrations, and video clips. Get super quality images and video to use in your website, promotional materials and communications.

Get photos from iStock

Must use websites

The Inclusion Club

The Inclusion Club is committed to the inclusion of people with disability in all aspects of sport and active recreation. We publish custom articles, called episodes, podcasts and other resources to help educate and inform people about the different aspects of inclusion. Why? Simply because we have witnessed time and time again the immeasurable benefits of participation in regular sport and recreation. It’s life changing!

Full disclosure, I am also a Director of the Inclusion Club.

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Play by the Rules

Play by the Rules provides information, resources, tools and free online training to increase the capacity and capability of administrators, coaches, officials, players, parents and spectators to assist them in preventing and dealing with discrimination, harassment, child safety, inclusion and integrity issues in sport.

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Courses that will actually teach you something

Inclusive Club Kick Starter

The Inclusive Club Kick Starter will help you lead your club towards creating more opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds, perspectives and abilities to get involved. In this course I will guide you through seven challenges that will set your club up for inclusion success.

If you play a role in running your club and want to start on the journey towards a more diverse, welcoming and inclusive club, then this course is for you.

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Harassment & Discrimination

by Play by the Rules

The Harassment and Discrimination online course is an interactive course that covers discrimination law and implications for sports clubs and associations. You’ll get a good understanding of discrimination and harassment and what to do if an incident occurs. This is a must for all volunteers, coaches and administrators.

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Let Kids Be Kids

by Play by the Rules and NSW Government Office for Sport

Poor behaviour can have a serious impact on kids enjoyment of sport and their future participation. The Let Kids be Kids mini-course addresses poor sideline behaviour at junior sport. You will learn about what motivates kids participation in sport; you'll be able to identify what poor behaviour is; how to address poor behaviour if it occurs and also take into consideration the views and opinions of children and young people. I helped PBTR develop this course so I can vouch for its value first hand.

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Can't miss conferences

Diversity & Inclusion in Sport Forum

The Diversity and Inclusion in Sport Forum takes place in Melbourne, Australia annually. It's a TEDx style event featuring short, sharp presentations that are meant to get you thinking about inclusion and diversity issues in sport. It's a unique annual event that brings together people at the forefront of diversity and inclusion. I spoke at the inaugural forum in 2016 (watch me here) and attend each year.

Word to the wise, this forum is popular and tickets usually sell out.

More info here.

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Inclusion & Diversity in Sport Conference

The Inclusion and Diversity in Sport Conference (IDS) is an annual event held in Adelaide, Australia. IDS is all about creating inclusive and welcoming environments in sport and recreation for all people. This event is hosted by Inclusive Sport SA and attracts delegates from all over Australia. I delivered a workshop at IDS17 to over 100 delegates and attend each year.

More info here.

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