Get to know your community with these free data tools

Typically, one of the great challenges faced when delivering inclusive sport activities is actually getting people to come along. This may be due to several factors but often it is because we don’t fully understand the community we are delivering our activities in. Why is this important? Well, by understanding the places we deliver our activities we know more about the types of people who live there. Once we know this we can engage directly with the community and design activities that suit their needs.

For example, if you know the community has a large migrant population from a particular region you can work towards delivering activities which appeal to them, or work with them to find ways to get them involved.

Having a good understanding of the types of people in the community will go a long way to improve your chances of engaging them in your sport activities.

A good place start is by doing some research. Here we provide you with some handy data tools that will help you build a better picture of what types of people make up the communities you deliver your sport activities in. The best thing is these are all free!

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Hopefully these free data tools will help you understand your communities a little better.

Do you know of any other sources of information that help understand our communities better? Share in the comments!


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