Mosaic Metros Futsal Club

In this Inclusion in Action video we feature the Mosaic Metros Futsal Club and hear from Team Manager Jarrod Galbraith-Martin, Team Captain Shane Watson and players Heritiersefu Katamba and Abdul Aziz about how they create inclusive opportunities and pathways for migrant and refugee footballers.

“Mosaic is a multicultural team. We’ve got a lot of beautiful colours meshing and blending together to produce magic on the football field.”

Jarrod Galbraith-Martin, Team Manager

“We all feel welcomed there because we come as one, that’s a welcoming thing for all of us.”

Heritiersefu Katamba, Player

“They have to get out of their mind to not pick on refugees, what colour they are, what religion they are, how they talk to you, it’s about how they show you the skills on the field.”

Abdul Aziz, Player

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